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cattish / хитрый, вкрадчивый, кошачий
имя прилагательное
cunning, tricky, sly, artful, crafty, cattish
insinuating, smarmy, smooth, bland, silky, cattish
feline, catlike, catty, cattish
His eyes seemed to vary from their usual hazel to a cattish kind of amber.
He remembered her cattish grin as she replied; ‘Sandmen.’
She had a fixation with cats that leaked out as a sort of low sub-vocal purr that accentuated her speech, along with other more cattish noises.
‘Rafael,’ She says with a cattish smile, ‘I would love to go with you.’
The piano swells dramatically in ‘Mi Sueno’; the trumpet honks and squawks in ‘Rumba Feliz’ and coils cattishly around ‘La Extrano’; the flute haunts its way through ‘Mi Amor’; and the percussion is strong in everything.
She also doesn't get to display much emotion in her songs; she's limited to cheery cattishness , and wistful love.
Just then the door opened and in stepped a wiry bearded man, who was mumbling to himself and skittering around cattishly .
He had never seen her display cattishness , never known her to be on the lookout for other women on the chance of catching them tripping - except in relation to him.
Through the gentle chiding of the gay stylist friend, to the downright vicious demands of Ms. Streep, to the snottish comments from the old Emily, it was cattishly pleasing.
‘Said’ was always accompanied by abruptly, coldly, crossly, menacingly, cattishly , angrily, sharply, grimly, sulkily, or curiously.