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cattery / питомник кошек
имя существительное
a boarding or breeding establishment for cats.
In dire emergency of course, she could stay in a boarding cattery for a few days but in our judgement she'd not take kindly to that, wouldn't eat, and would be severely upset by the time we collected her.
Elaine and John Culf are celebrating after their boarding cattery was judged one of the top three in the country.
Then after their first vaccination at seven to eight weeks they live inside the house and mum goes back down to the main cattery .
After being made redundant, Daphne decided to act upon her dream to create a boarding kennels and cattery at her home.
Mrs Spencer also hopes that they will be able to wander in a huge enclosure that is to be set out on the site of a former Dutch barn next to the cattery .
And the cats both survived the stay in the cattery without too many ill effects.
A heartbroken family were reunited with their beloved moggie when it returned from a nine-week stint in the wilderness after escaping from a York cattery .
I was thinking that some day, when I start my cattery (like a cat kennel), I'll put an aquarium in there and write it off on my taxes as a business expense.
There were a lot more stables, now there are only five, and there's a new cattery and a new set of kennels.
Many times I've watched in fascination as a doe approached the yard of the cattery and touched noses with a cat through the mesh in a charming cross-species greeting.
An appeal to pay for new kennels and a cattery at the RSPCA's state-of-the-art animal centre in Redcross Street, is starting to pull in cash.