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catnap / подремать, вздремнуть, спать урывками
nap, take a nap, snooze, have a nap, catnap, snatch a nap
спать урывками
имя существительное
сон урывками
catnap, cat-sleep, dog-sleep
имя существительное
a short, light sleep; a doze.
My arms went into automatic pilot and I fell into a very light catnap .
have a short, light sleep.
This method is much more efficient than a long sleep and is called catnapping .
Operating for long hours, often at night, combat soldiers seldom find time for more than a catnap on hard ground.
Caffeine, the drug found in tea, coffee, colas and chocolate, is how billions of people perk up when modern life doesn't allow for a catnap .
In " Primary, " the cameras follow the candidates as they meet voters on the street, catnap in cars, and confer with aides in private rooms.
But I think that the thirty-minute catnap in the car seat was to blame.
Sometimes he'll catnap on the bench after lunch, during lulls in the action.
Put one on at bedtime, or pop it in the fridge and wear it as you catnap , to reduce signs of jet lag or fatigue.
When you get back, hang out on your porch in a rocking chair and sip lemonade, or take a catnap in one of the many hammocks scattered around the property.
I had a hard time trying to catnap last night as the close encounter just stressed me out.
Cats can tumble from apartment windows by slipping out accidentally during a catnap on a windowsill or falling while trying to catch an insect or bird.
That way, I can call you if I need to, and you can catch a catnap .