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cathedral / собор, кафедральный собор
имя существительное
кафедральный собор
cathedral, minster
имя прилагательное
cathedral, synodic, synodical
имя существительное
the principal church of a diocese, with which the bishop is officially associated.
St. Paul's Cathedral
Since his release last April he has sought sanctuary at the cathedral after receiving death threats.
He has continued to live at Minster House next to the cathedral while on sabbatical leave.
cathedral city
Now, I rarely go to church except to visit great cathedrals or quaint roadside chapels.
When many people think of the Church, they think of cathedrals , stained glass windows and buildings with a cross on top.
They have sung by invitation in cathedrals , chapels, pubs and clubs.
Thus early monasteries may be associated with cathedrals , colleges, and minsters.
Masons were highly skilled craftsmen and their trade was most frequently used in the building of castles, churches and cathedrals .
Clerics from the wealthiest churches and cathedrals had robes as fine as any worn by nobles and princes.
Stained glass was originally restricted to churches and cathedrals .