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catharsis / катарсис, очищение, очищение желудка
имя существительное
purification, purifying, clarification, refinement, purgation, catharsis
очищение желудка
catharsis, evacuation
имя существительное
the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.
It's easy to write off Dumont's dark view as cynical, even delusional and childish, and it's even easier to laugh off the film's emotional catharses in order to create a safe distance.
These acidify the proximal colon and result in a dose dependent catharsis .
Most people need drama, excitement, pathos, catharsis - on some level their emotions have to connect with their minds in order to understand.
But, we are filled with a sense of emotional catharsis when we see it because it tells the truth in a much more real way than any news story or blog post has ever done.
Once, she had simply blurted out her feelings, yet there had been no catharsis , no flood of relief, only an empty realisation that she had made her mother cry.
Experiencing a tale from their local past can help people ‘fall in love with the theatre,’ he says, and can even give them a sense of catharsis and closure.
The purpose of tragedy is catharsis , a powerful emotional experience in which the audience purges the emotions of pity and fear.
For instance, Brecht challenged the worth of stories that merely entertain, amuse or at best, provide emotional involvement and release through catharsis .
There is a strong element of theatre, of catharsis and self-purification, to the ritual of statue-smashing.
These acidify the proximal colon and result in a dose dependent catharsis .
Indeed, the author makes it clear that one of his reasons for writing the book is to assist in the grieving process - in other words, a form of catharsis .
They always seem to focus on surprise and juxtaposition, or tension relief, or catharsis , or something.