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caterwaul / кошачий концерт
имя существительное
кошачий концерт
caterwaul, charivari
задавать кошачий концерт
терзать слух
ссориться как коты на крыше
имя существительное
a shrill howling or wailing noise.
Drunk and angry, he berated the thicknecks while pouring his loudest, most annoying caterwauls over the din of his backing band.
(of a cat) make a shrill howling or wailing noise.
the caterwauling of a pair of bobcats
There are songs here (particularly grating caterwaul Escape Song) that would never see daylight were it not for their celebrity provenance.
I walked away as the other people here began to caterwaul about her death.
They raised such a caterwaul when Thompson entered a Burmese in a San Francisco show in 1938 that he withdrew from the proceedings.
Armed with only an acoustic guitar, My Morning Jacket's frontman falls into the delicate opening strains of ‘Bermuda Highway, ‘his ghostly caterwaul creeping up my spine like a fever.’
Can rock ever again generate the poorly-constructed yet subversive caterwaul for which I once fell in love with it?
That said, they are still out to pummel, and their singer's caterwaul has never sounded more throat-shredding.
The drinkers perform a comedic caterwaul while the folk singers create a dissonant background to the absurdity.
We're trying to watch a serious art film in here, and all we can hear is that caterwaul you insist on playing at full volume!
There's always something happening; the yelping of dogs, the cat's caterwaul , the ‘jagte raho’ calls of the watchman.
What kind of media caterwaul do you suppose would ensue?