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cater / угождать, поставлять, потворствовать
please, cater, oblige, bump, get, tickle
supply, deliver, produce, cater, purvey, run
indulge, pander, encourage, connive, gratify, cater
поставлять провизию
обслуживать зрителя
provide food and drink, typically at social events and in a professional capacity.
he catered a lunch for 20 people
We often cater at local events, specialising in Indian foods and make a sauce which is so popular that we have been asked time and time again about the possibility of buying it in the shops.
my mother helped to cater for the party
The food is wonderful they cater well for vegetarians and children and the staff are really friendly and professional.
The restaurant Nikolas hired to cater the dinner did a wonderful job.
They said they had made a lot of arrangements to prepare submissions, organise time off for the presenters and prepare the conference room for the meeting, as well as to cater breakfast and lunch.
I'm in the catering business - among other things - and I will be most glad to cater your dinner or lunch or whatever.
Upon hearing news of the Queen's visit, Chartwells Catering Services - which serves Sheridan College as well as St. Jerome's University - chose six of the best chefs in its employ to cater the event.
my mother helped to cater for the party
It is not necessary to provide catering as many visitors prefer to self cater or to partake of local cuisine.
Cath has responsibility for eight function rooms at the Pier complex and also caters at Wigan council and Wigan Culture and Leisure Trust venues across the town.