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catenary / цепной
имя прилагательное
chain, catenary, catenarian
имя существительное
цепная линия
catenary, catenarian
имя существительное
a curve formed by a wire, rope, or chain hanging freely from two points and forming a U shape.
a catenary wire
It looks like a spider's web above the tracks with all the catenary , although rumor has it that one of the two new tracks will be ‘unplugged’ as it where.
He used as reference the catenary cables of the RENFE train line that crosses the community as well as the horizon delineated by the mountains surrounding the area.
At Morrisville we pass the old flyover for the PRR Trenton Cut-off freight line. It has been rehabbed and new catenary installed.
Howard Street has some tracks and catenary that resembles those found along St. Charles, but except for the St. Charles Streetcars in one direction, they are not used on Howard.
We were able to see the concrete abutments where there were once catenary towers.
The line uses a single Arrow III MU coach, running under catenary just like its much larger siblings on the other electrified lines.
The Village luminaires feature pole, wall and catenary mounted fittings that correspond with the other site furnishings.
Now, the principle for doing that is demonstrated by the catenary principle, otherwise known as the principle of least action; that is, Leibniz's principle of least action.
Like the tardigrade, this earthquake-resistant house is all curves, from the oval floor plan to the dual parabolic and catenary arches of its profile.
A catenary is the curve describing a rope or chain hanging loosely between two fixed points.