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catchword / лозунг, модное словечко, колонтитул
имя существительное
slogan, motto, watchword, cry, catchword, formula
модное словечко
running title, header, catchword, keyword
имя существительное
a briefly popular or fashionable word or phrase used to encapsulate a particular concept.
“motivation” is a great catchword
a word printed or placed so as to attract attention.
The catchwords in the headnote say it all really.
‘Accountability’ is a very popular catchword within health services fields.
The catchword of the new era is market opening - lowering of barriers to trade, abolition of restraints on the movement of capital, the privatization of enterprises the government previously deigned to run.
The catchword these days is ‘Waste management’.
If contextualization was a catchword in theological circles of the 1970s, globalization became a new emphasis in the 1980s.
That's the latest catchword being echoed among the builders' community in the State.
‘motivation’ is a great catchword
The catchword was Black Power, but it was really black culture.
He is keen to stress the astonishing flavour that can be captured in a preserving jar, together with a sense of time and place, of ‘seasonality’, which is the latest catchword to hijack the nation's kitchens.
‘Be aggressive’, seems to be the catchword in the marketing and promotion of a film these days.
Biodiversity has become a new catchword for farmers with its promise of healthier ecosystems.