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catcher / ловец, уловитель, принимающий
имя существительное
catcher, hunter, fisher
имя существительное
a person or thing that catches something.
One reason for the increase is thought to be the foot-and-mouth epidemic two years ago which meant mole catchers could not get access to large expanses of land to control the mole population.
In Victoria it is seen as a vote catcher of real cultural significance.
You can't go out like the child catcher and round them up.
A wild pitch is when the catcher misses it - if a man is on base he can easily steal a base, maybe two.
There are badges made out of jigsaw pieces, a sun catcher made from an old plastic lid and plenty more.
You may need to empty the lint catcher if the water drains very slowly after a while.
Actually the bowler and catcher do tend to meet up after getting a wicket and congratulate each other.
a humane spider catcher
He swings and misses a third strike on a pitch that bounces at the catcher 's feet and rolls behind him.
He uses jingoism as a blatant vote catcher , and much to disgrace of the Australian electorate, it's working.
And what if your great great grandfather turns out to be a thief or rat - catcher rather than a member of the aristocracy?