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catch-all / всеобъемлющий, всеохватывающий
имя прилагательное
pervasive, overall, universal, catchall, blanket, integral
overall, blanket, catchall
имя существительное
a term or category that includes a variety of different possibilities.
the stigmatizing catch-all term “schizophrenia.”
Restructuring is a catch-all term, used by companies in trouble who need to change or risk losing business as well as successful ones who want to keep their edge.
Mixed martial arts - the catch-all name for such competitions - has been struggling to escape its own history.
Those on both sides of the argument were united in the call for ‘compromise’, but acknowledged the difficulties of a catch-all solution.
At present most cases are brought under the catch-all heading of breach of the peace, which means repeated offences can be overlooked on sentencing.
‘Antisocial behaviour’ is used as a catch-all term to describe anything from noisy neighbours and graffiti to kids hanging out on the street.
Not that the catch-all term ‘flavouring’ on the label is designed to arouse any suspicions about the synthetic formulations within.
the stigmatizing catch-all term ‘schizophrenia’
It would seem that it has become a catch-all excuse and is employed even when not applicable.
Addressing this problem is no easy matter, not because of its global dimensions and its Sisyphean predilections, but because there is no catch-all solution.
the stigmatizing catch-all term “schizophrenia.”