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catch / поймать, ловить, уловить
catch, capture, pick up, catch hold of, hook, nail
catch, take, prey, prey on, prey upon
имя существительное
catch, haul, take, taking, draught
production, prey, mining, extraction, spoil, catch
benefit, profit, advantage, gain, avail, catch
latch, snap, catch, pawl, click, trigger
capture, grab, taking, seizure, grip, catch
имя существительное
an act of catching something, typically a ball.
I saw myself fumbling easy catches and looking clumsy.
a device for securing something such as a door, window, or box.
the window catch was rusty
a hidden problem or disadvantage in an apparently ideal situation.
there's a catch in it somewhere
an unevenness in a person's voice caused by emotion.
there was a catch in Anne's voice
a round, typically one with words arranged to produce a humorous effect.
The catch , a particular form of round based on word-play, was especially popular in Restoration England.
intercept and hold (something that has been thrown, propelled, or dropped).
she threw the bottle into the air and caught it again
capture (a person or animal that tries or would try to escape).
we hadn't caught a single rabbit
reach in time and board (a train, bus, or aircraft).
they caught the 12:15 from Chicago
engage (a person's interest or imagination).
The scheme has already caught the imagination and interest of local school children.
strike (someone) on a part of the body.
Ben caught him on the chin with an uppercut
I was then just in time to catch the final episode of The Office.
Traps of this kind, which are designed to catch foxes and rabbits, have been outlawed since 1954 when the Pest Act came into force.
The catch in her voice made him feel even worse for having to explain it again.
At Christmas, there is a store that gives away the unsold Christmas trees to anyone who can catch one when thrown in the air by the owner.
A childish glee overtook her, and she put out her tongue to catch the falling rain drops.
to catch a film
I slipped the camera under first, but still managed to catch my shirt on the lock above.
there's a catch in it somewhere
If you focus on lifestyle issues, in other words, what you wear, where you live, how much of a catch your partner is, etc, you will turn the control of how you are judged over to other people.
It took several tries for the tinder to catch in the damp atmosphere.