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catcall / свист, освистывание, свисток
имя существительное
whistling, whistle, whiz, hiss, swish, catcall
whistle, pipe, toot, catcall
boo, hiss, catcall, barrack, goose, bo
имя существительное
a shrill whistle or shout of disapproval, typically one made at a public meeting or performance.
In one instance her inadequate performance provoked catcalls and derision.
make a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.
they were fired for catcalling at women
An element of the crowd began to hoot and catcall during the speeches, setting a disorderly tone for the following proceedings.
With the jeering and catcalling from the Government benches, I missed the answer.
The poor creature took fright and ran with the mob catcalling after her and even throwing a rock or two.
She stood in front of the feral slam audience to read her love poems, and the resulting jeers and catcalls convinced her never to go near that scene again.
There was open laughter and catcalling by the end.
It was embarrassing, what with a gathering crowd of sailors looking on, catcalling .
‘Brandon had better figure out a way to get me out of this,’ grumbled Kitty as she walked onstage to the whoops and catcalls of the male population.
For example, a man who may not engage in sexually harassing a woman when he is alone at a bar may begin catcalling to a woman at the same bar if he observes or is with friends engaging in this behavior.
Initial reaction from the workforce was hostile; the trade union representatives vetoed them and the employees involved were subjected to boos and catcalling as they left the assembly line to attend circle meetings.
Another young women bounded on stage to remind the audience that catcalls are subtler but nevertheless real forms of sexual violence.