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catbird / дрозд
имя существительное
thrush, catbird, ouzel, ousel
имя существительное
a long-tailed American songbird of the mockingbird family, with mainly dark gray or black plumage and catlike calls.
Not only is the Cape flush with cardinals, towhees, mockingbirds, catbirds , goldfinches and woodpeckers, its birds of the shore entice many a visitor here.
a thickset Australasian bird of the bowerbird family, typically with a loud call like a yowling cat. It does not generally construct bowers.
The most famous mimic in this family is the northern mockingbird, followed closely by the gray catbird , which is so-named because of its ability to imitate the mewing of a cat.
She saw many colorful birds that she knew only from the books she studied: a cardinal and its mate, a cowbird, a catbird , two blue jays, and what she thought was a titmouse.
Because catbirds inhabit such dense shrubby areas and are more likely heard than seen, I am often surprised by how many people tell me that their favorite bird is the catbird .
Although first cousin to the melodious mockingbird, a catbird 's song is seldom musical.
She and her colleagues collected a total of 30 individuals from among gray catbirds , Swainson's thrashes, and wood thrashes.
I'll bet if we put meal worms out on a platform - as some folks do during the winter for bluebirds - robins, catbirds and others would gobble them up!
Instead of a symphony of song, we were treated to little more than the mewling of catbirds .
Of course, we spotted starlings, pigeons, doves, catbirds , grackles, blackbirds, cardinals, robins, blue jays, and mockingbirds, along with the expected three species of woodpecker.
We predicted, based on the egg mimicry hypothesis, that robins and catbirds would eject white cuckoo eggs and accept mimetic blue cuckoo eggs.
For the record, we also saw lots of catbirds , sparrows, and other New York birds of summer.