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catastrophe / катастрофа, несчастье, гибель
имя существительное
catastrophe, accident, smash, earthquake, smash-up
misfortune, unhappiness, disaster, bad luck, affliction, catastrophe
death, doom, ruin, downfall, collapse, catastrophe
имя существительное
an event causing great and often sudden damage or suffering; a disaster.
a national economic catastrophe
a national economic catastrophe
an environmental catastrophe
It did not take long for the general to recognize the catastrophe 's politically damaging consequences.
The Caribbean may be in for a greater catastrophe if shelters used in the event of natural disasters are not properly constructed and located.
the tax would be a catastrophe for the industry
Had they been accepted we would have had a local environmental catastrophe and a national commercial disaster.
And without a change of policy, the winter snows will soon begin to tilt this disaster into an international catastrophe .
leading the world to catastrophe
inaction will only bring us closer to catastrophe
This event was a total catastrophe for the colonies that were left in total isolation, forced to survive alone.