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catamaran / катамаран, мегера, сварливая женщина
имя существительное
shrew, vixen, virago, termagant, tartar, catamaran
сварливая женщина
shrew, termagant, nagger, catamaran, cat, fury
имя существительное
a yacht or other boat with twin hulls in parallel.
The kinds of boats available range from 80-foot motor yachts and sprawling catamarans to smaller sailboats that cater to couples.
The catamaran anchored off the Ancon Peninsula so holidaymakers could snorkel or swim, the inquest was told.
Consequently, to get the best of both speed and stability he developed a catamaran : two long thin hulls joined by a deck.
Our dive boat was a 14m catamaran with two 250 h.p. engines, and it looked just great.
Hire that yacht or catamaran and sail away for at least three days, a week would be better.
We're not talking sea-going yacht or racing catamaran here, just a simple flat-bottomed boat to get a closer look at the reef and marine life.
It has an air-cushioned catamaran hull and waterjet propulsion, which provides high speed and manoeuvrability.
The submarine was then guided onto the cradle and hoisted aboard the catamaran mother ship.
There are a number of different sailing vessels currently operating out of Thailand, from mono hulled outfits to catamarans or even trimaran yachts.
Sunday will feature a long-distance race for catamarans and keelboats.
Elegant yachts, powerboats and catamarans moor up at the jetty bringing a daily stream of lively faces eager to learn more about this beautiful island and the stunning architecture of the village-once the French capital of St Lucia.