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catalyze / катализировать
catalyze, catalyse
cause or accelerate (a reaction) by acting as a catalyst.
This reaction is catalyzed by the enzyme citrate synthase.
Allozymes are catalytic RNA- or DNA-based molecules whose ability to catalyze a reaction is modulated by their interaction with an effector molecule.
But, given the constraints on budget resources, public funds must be used strategically to catalyze private investments in infrastructure and support projects that are important but cannot attract private finance.
The ability of enzymes, at low concentrations, to catalyze specific reactions is enough to make any chemist envious.
A major category of applications is the use of enzymes to catalyze complex reactions for which there are no conventional catalysts.
‘As we have learned from our city's great parks,’ he said, ‘public spaces create value and catalyze growth.’
Enzymes tend to be more active, i.e., they catalyze reactions faster, than synthetic catalysts at ambient temperatures.
Copper is usually utilized in organisms as a cofactor in enzymes or electron transfer proteins that catalyze redox reactions or oxygen chemistry.
Differences in competitive abilities between nestlings at hatching catalyze the development of dominance hierarchies within broods, which concentrate resource deprivation onto the lowest-ranking member.
It can store genetic information, as DNA does, but it can also adopt complex three-dimensional shapes and catalyze chemical reactions on itself, as proteins do.
Enzymes catalyze reactions by interacting with and stabilizing the transition state so that the chemical reaction requires a much gentler push to clear the activation barrier.