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catalogue / каталог, справочник, список
имя существительное
catalog, directory, index, roll, sked, schedule
directory, handbook, reference book, catalog, manual, compendium
list, roster, schedule, register, roll, catalog
catalog, catalogue
вносить в каталог
catalog, catalogue
list, enumerate, itemize, recount, recite, catalog
имя существительное
a complete list of items, typically one in alphabetical or other systematic order, in particular.
The catalogue offered profiles of some social justice NGOs from around the world who had been using Interdoc in the 1980s.
make a systematic list of (items of the same type).
Before that can be done well, I think, the archives of Pius XII's pontificate will probably have to be fully catalogued and opened.
I just started college, and every course in the catalogue looks exciting.
The catalogue of the exhibition recorded that in its first decade the museum had held 112 exhibitions attended by about one-and-a-half million people.
We are hoping to set up a consortium of institute libraries with a standardised catalogue and a strong policy on resource sharing.
A limited amount of downloadable material is provided and the library catalogue , including video and audio material, can be viewed online.
They didn't know how to search the library catalogue , they didn't know what a Dewey Decimal number was.
An excerpt from the undated letter was published after her death in the catalogue of the memorial exhibition of her collection.
A catalogue of its library survives from 1372, listing 646 items.
this collection of paintings is the subject of a detailed catalogue
This list of the guilty implicated in the events at Pitelinskii district offered a virtual catalogue of recognizable and acceptable enemies of the Soviet state.
She is now looking to produce a catalogue and boost the mail order side of her business.