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casuistry / казуистика, игра словами, софистика
имя существительное
casuistry, Jesuitism, Jesuitry
игра словами
sophistry, sophistication, chicanery, casuistry, word-splitting
имя существительное
the use of clever but unsound reasoning, especially in relation to moral questions; sophistry.
It speaks on its own accord, barking out those cheap casuistries and cliches that you use like so many crutches.
This focus explains, for instance, contemporary fascination with such questions of casuistry as, e.g., the conditions under which an action like abortion is morally permitted or immoral.
No doubt it may be said that this is mere casuistry and does not meet the objection that a person who has or believes he has a good defence may still feel under pressure to plead guilty.
These abstract principles are then applied to particular cases through a complex process called, of course, casuistry .
The Christian tradition of casuistry began at least as early as the Celtic Penitential Books of the sixth century.
At the root of all such casuistry is the inability of the comfortable inhabitants of the developed world to realise how bad the worst can be.
Yet casuistry was always controversial, and in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries it became thoroughly discredited.
The historical origins of double effect as a tenet of Catholic casuistry might provide a similar explanation for the unity of its applications.
However, can anyone really ignore the casuistry of reformers and politicians who insist on blaming ill health on drugs while, at the same time, financing their own campaigns from the profits of the manufacturers?
For decades, ‘Jesuitical’ became a term of abuse, signifying mental reservation, prevarication, and casuistry .
Can we appropriate them in their simplicity, without falling into trivialization and reductionism, and in their complexity, without falling into casuistry ?