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castrate / кастрировать, холостить, выхолащивать
castrate, emasculate, geld, cut, unman, unsex
castrate, alter
dilute, emasculate, castrate, eviscerate, render innocuous
имя существительное
castrate, gelding, spado
eunuch, gelding, castrate
кастрированное животное
gelding, castrate, neuter, spado
remove the testicles of (a male animal or man).
Male calves were castrated either at birth, at time of initial vaccination, or at weaning.
имя существительное
a man or male animal whose testicles have been removed.
Historians interested in the development of musical castrati in Europe often point to Islamic Spain as the source of early castrates and the medieval practice of castration.
The best day, by far, was watching the vet castrate a colt, but for some strange reason, Peter doesn't like me to talk about that too explicitly.
Some castrate their dogs just because they are energetic.
Cronus used a sickle to castrate his father Uranus, and he is often portrayed throughout literature as having a long beard.
The seventy-year-old father, Matheo, personally warned the local priest that his son, Domingo, at the age of twenty-seven, was a castrate .
Adrian had a sudden fear that the man might borrow his accomplice's knife and castrate him, or at the very least stab him.
Agueda Yzquierdo, for instance, could recall the castration of Juan de Aleson, the full castrate who later married Maria de Legaria.
Other bulls are castrated, and this seems to be simply based on the individual preference of their owner, although a castrate will grow larger and hence become more valuable.
As will be shown below, the castrate , the non-man, played an important role in the ordinary figuring of masculinity and manhood in the Spanish village.
At birth, calves were identified with a numbered ear tag, they were weighed, sex was recorded, and male calves were castrated .
The castrates were, however, deadly serious in their pursuit of a paradise on earth, and Meek says he came across a history of them in a Parisian bookshop.