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castigate / бичевать, наказывать, жестоко критиковать
scourge, castigate, flagellate, lash, chastise with scorpions, flail
punish, penalize, chastise, discipline, correct, castigate
жестоко критиковать
castigate, maul, ride, roast, tomahawk
reprimand (someone) severely.
he was castigated for not setting a good example
This is why we castigate our leaders - our political leaders, our church leaders and our society leaders.
The most common response was to castigate the reporter for daring to criticize a sacred cow hereabouts, weblogs.
A friend used to castigate me for not wearing a belt.
It was for his denial of the doctrine of karma and the efficacy of the religious effort that the Buddha castigated him so severely.
I could say more but, it being the season to be jolly, I will refrain from further castigating my friends in the legal profession.
The Tadcaster castigator concludes: ‘Thankful I am that my generation were able to learn the art of home baking without the need for a kitchen that was filled to the gunwales with culinary gadgets.’
You wouldn't believe the castigation I received, especially from members of the board, for even entertaining such an idea.
He had castigated the team for, among other things, unprofessionalism and indiscipline.
And just a few days ago I was castigating someone else for being a thin-skinned Narcissist.
The system needs to change, but the castigatory way we deal with mentally ill people who commit crimes seems to be caught in amber.