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caster / литейщик, ролик, колесико
имя существительное
caster, founder, moulder, molder, foundry hand
roller, roll, pulley, castor, caster, sheave
wheel, castor, roller, caster, trundle
имя существительное
a person who casts something or a machine for casting something.
This is the secret as to why the big casters are able to cast flat out all day without encountering overruns and ‘snap-offs’.
a fly pupa used as bait.
Some of the deeper slower water by the golf course and downstream is best fished with swim feeder rig using hemp as an attractor with gentles or casters as hook bait and feeding with hemp.
each of a set of small wheels, free to swivel in any direction, fixed to the legs or base of a heavy piece of furniture so that it can be moved easily.
The company produces various types of rubber components, including caster wheels, mainly for the European automotive manufacturers.
a small container with holes in the top, especially one used for sprinkling sugar or pepper.
Elizabeth David points out that in England silver casters were often intended to be filled with cinnamon (not sugar) to be sprinkled on toast and muffins.
The Hellenistic bronzes from Rhodes parallel the Greek ceramic evidence with their recording of both sculptor and caster .
There's also plenty of tweaking that can be done to the mechanics of the car, ranging from adjusting the wings to tire caster , to just about any other tweak you can think of to tailor car performance to the conditions of a race.
While they were at it, engineers tuned up the steering geometry slightly with extra caster to enhance the XLR's on-center road sense.
It has two aluminum lower control arms, a slightly positive steering offset and large steering caster .
On occasion a slight problem occurs and the spell backfires on the caster and the caster had either killed themselves or killed others near them.
The frame is simple by design but the choice of caster wheel assemblies is critical for proper operation.
The key to its versatility is a unique, front caster 8-in. wheel that can lock in place for high-speed cruising.
The German cart has lots of caster angle in the front steering, by design - actual casters are used.
Negative caster requires less steering effort but can cause the car to wander down the straightaway.
A system of divination consists of a set of symbols which contain significant meaning to the caster .