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castaway / потерпевший кораблекрушение, отверженный, пария
имя существительное
потерпевший кораблекрушение
pariah, castaway, castoff, outlaw, derelict, offcast
pariah, outcast, castaway, outcaste
имя прилагательное
outcast, reprobate, castaway, cast-off, outlaw, excommunicate
имя существительное
a person who has been shipwrecked and stranded in an isolated place.
Shipwrecked sailors, castaways , and that famous case some time back where a bunch of people were in a plane crash?
Thus Severin hires an old sailing boat to recapture the experience of an early Caribbean castaway , although the vessel bears scant resemblance to the little skiff that carried the subject of his imagined reconstruction.
Their lives are calm, to put it mildly, until they take in a young Polish castaway , who washes up unconscious on their beach.
It's a chance to escape the hectic pace of modern day life, but it seems no-one is keen to emulate the original castaway and spend a week on a desert island.
a castaway on a desert island
Defoe based his hero on a real-life castaway - Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor who was abandoned on the Juan Fernandez islands off Chile in 1704 after an argument with his ship's Captain.
Remember the story of castaway Robinson Crusoe?
He shocked them by speaking their own language and telling them that he was a maroon rather than a castaway .
Among them is Riddick, a convicted criminal whom the other castaways put in chains out of fear for what he might do.
They also knew that castaways could be dangerous; the survivors of a Portuguese wreck 100 years earlier had horrified the Xhosa by turning to cannibalism.
After surviving their first two years on an uncharted Pacific island, our seven stranded castaways continue to ponder and pine after the day they'll be rescued from their tropic island nest.