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castanets / кастаньеты
имя существительное
castanets, knacker, knackers, bone
имя существительное
small concave pieces of wood, ivory, or plastic, joined in pairs by a cord and clicked together by the fingers as a rhythmic accompaniment to Spanish dancing.
She had managed to put together castanets with pieces of wood and string, which she need for the dance.
If you like your Spanish guitar music in tight trousers and with castanets clicking, this probably won't be to your taste.
Other things get a look in too, for example castanets get clicked, fans get fluttered and shawls get twirled as well.
This should be a subtly sexy piece with flowing movement that acts as a counterpoint to the percussive orchestral castanets .
She clicks out a rhythm, simple enough, on her castanets .
Originally, these were danced to the accompaniment of singing and clapping only, with guitars and castanets added later.
The music is infused with Latin influence but retains mainstream tempo and rhythms - so no castanets but the laid back Spanish attitude of ‘mañana mañana’ is here in spades.
The castanets of Spain have clicked seductively through many a French score, and Debussy can manage them as deftly as anyone.
Flutes, oboes, bagpipes, castanets , and other instruments hang with sheet music, a jester's staff, and a theatrical mask.
In this showcase of the well known (but little understood) Latin dance form, we learn that flamenco is not just about castanets , señoritas in frilly gowns and fancy footwork.
Somewhat like castanets , the dancer holds the pieces of bamboo in her hands and clicks them together, thus contributing to the musical quality and overall rhythmic effect of the performance.