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cassock / ряса, сутана, поп
имя существительное
cassock, frock, cowl
cassock, soutane, priestly garb
pope, priestling, camister, cassock
имя существительное
a full-length garment of a single color worn by certain Christian clergy, members of church choirs, acolytes, and others having some particular office or role in a church.
The choristers wore shirt and tie (long ties for the boys and bowties for the men) with black robes over their shoulders (not their liturgical cassocks and surplices).
The mourners arrived in their black suits led by the vicar in his white cassock .
She watched as the man, garbed appropriately in a black cassock and hat, disappeared through the cemetery, towards the lakeside and a small boat.
Wearing a cassock and cloak, the Bishop will take gifts to a synagogue, a mosque, a Sikh Gurdwara, a Hindu temple and a Catholic church where he will offer prayers before the welcome service.
It is growing apparent from your vicar's shortening sermons that it is becoming uncomfortably warm weather in which to wear a cassock .
The curate's study was an 18th century room that he could not afford to heat, so he would cocoon himself in a cassock and heavy cloak.
He was greeted by the Pope, dressed in a white cassock , who then brought him to the private library for a meeting.
Unlike in other nations, they stick to their identities by moving around in public places wearing the cassock ,’ he says.
‘I hope he's got thermals on under his cassock ,’ my friend Lucy shivered when I told her where I was going.
Peter had my package tucked under his arm and was marching down the hall, sending the hem of his cassock flying up to his knees.
And there was his obituary, with a lithograph of a stout, balding man in a cassock with a slightly forked beard.