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casket / гроб, шкатулка, контейнер
имя существительное
coffin, casket, hearse, shell
casket, cassette
container, case, crisper, casket
имя существительное
a small ornamental box or chest for holding jewels, letters, or other valuable objects.
Originally a toilet box, jewel casket , or container for incense, it was adopted as early as the 4th century to hold the reserved Host, and carry it in procession or to the sick.
She took from her jewel casket all her finest brooches and pins, and chose again the silver one covered with garnets, as it was largest and most beautiful.
An archaeologist was digging in the Negev Desert in Israel when he came upon a casket containing a mummy.
During the wake, which can last up to three or four days, the casket is left open, and the mourners can kneel and say a prayer.
Then the children put their letters into the casket and kissed their mother's forehead, then Jonathon put his letter in the casket and looked at his wife.
The thieves get away with the casket but not the jewels, which Lizzie has extracted for safe keeping.
The pack consists of a casket containing the Aborigine Flag, a number of didgeridoos, as well as various tools used by the Aborigine people who spent their lives as hunters and gatherers in order to survive.
Her body shook with her cries, as she looked up at the wooden casket that held her beloved inside.
The two most common ways to handle the remains of a loved one is to purchase a casket and bury them or have their remains cremated.
If the casket he chose contained the portrait, he could marry Portia; if not, he would be compelled to leave and never woo another woman again.
The escort carries with him or her a flag during the flight which is then draped over the casket upon arrival.