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cask / бочонок, бочка
имя существительное
barrel, keg, cask, tub, wood, pin
barrel, cask, vat, roll, butt, barrel roll
разливать в бочки
имя существительное
a large barrellike container made of wood, metal, or plastic, used for storing liquids, typically alcoholic drinks.
Whisky is always kept in oak casks that have already stored another alcoholic beverage: usually bourbon or sherry, occasionally port and Madeira.
In return, he promised a cask of gun powder as well as a large, rich ransom for the safe return of Betty and the babies.
There was a cask of water with a ladle in the far corner of the yard.
a cask of cider
In addition, local microbrewery Wild Rose Brewery features a cask of real ale on the first Friday of each month at a different pub each month.
Among the prizes are signed football tops from both Rangers and Celtic football clubs, and a cask of Famous Grouse whisky, which should hopefully attract the connoisseurs out and bid.
In the British Navy, they call rum Nelson's Blood because his body was preserved and returned home from the Battle of Trafalgar in a cask of rum.
He left a cask of wine in his cellar for some years.
People were shown, apparently in distress, and a man was shown walking over lava to save a cask of Guinness from a damaged building.
Resuscitation efforts were aided when a cask of the ship's brandy bobbed alongside.
A cask of gunpowder was fired close to the wall of the Clerkenwell House of Detention, at 3.45 p.m. on December 13, 1867.