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cashier / кассир
имя существительное
cashier, teller, paymaster, booking-clerk
увольнять со службы
исключать со службы
имя существительное
a person handling payments and receipts in a store, bank, or other business.
For much of the last fifty years the country's banks have operated as cashiers for often insolvent state enterprises, paying little attention to their ability to repay, and building up a mountain of bad debt.
dismiss (someone) from the armed forces in disgrace because of a serious misdemeanor.
he was found guilty and cashiered
Next I called Drew, hoping he still had the receipt for the cashier 's check.
Someone says that that's a saving only if you cashier them out of the military.
Some of the other changes will include a cluster of round tables in the centre of the coffee shop and moving the cashier to the opposite end of the service area to improve customer flow.
The cashier took the check and handed her a receipt.
But he soon quarrelled with the Rump and defied its attempt to cashier him by leading a military coup in October.
The bank was expanding, and we needed two cashiers, so I became a cashier in the bank.
And come to think of it, I was recently harassed by a cashier in a shop.
Penny works as a supermarket cashier and spends most of her home life trying to deflect obscene verbal abuse from her son, Rory, a couch potato.
‘It's very bad in the evenings, especially on Saturdays and Sundays,’ says the cashier at a sports shop.
Jerome managed to be captured by Chief Joseph's men in 1877 and the army all but cashiered him, but he lived long and well on his inheritance, likely meeting his grandnephew Winston Churchill before his 1935 death.