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cashew / орех кешью, анакард, орех кешу
имя существительное
орех кешью
орех кешу
имя существительное
an edible kidney-shaped nut, rich in oil and protein, which is roasted and shelled before it can be eaten. Oil is extracted from the shells and used as a lubricant and insecticide and in the production of plastics.
Similarly, utilisation of the cashew nut produced in Western Province has not yet been fully realised.
a bushy tropical American tree related to the mango, bearing cashew nuts singly at the tip of each swollen fruit.
On the cashew tree outside the bedroom window, ‘the bell-shaped yellow fruits hung lazily, drawing buzzing bees that bumped against my window's netting.’
You'll carry your own gear as you pedal a hybrid bicycle through the mango orchards, cashew groves, and savannas of the Saloum River valley, bunking in small hotels and local villagers' homes along the way.
There were fruit trees surrounding the house, mangos, plums, cashew and many more.
Further tests indicated the presence of resin from the terebinth tree, a Middle Eastern member of the cashew family.
Competing crops like maize and cashew , however, yield Rs 9,000 per hectare.
Poison ivy belongs to the Anacardiaceae or cashew family, which includes many other rash-causing plants such as poison oak and poison
Mango, cashew and baobab trees also encourage the production of honey which is sold to provide an income for the five villages involved in the project.
Head for the Kabini River Lodge, a picturesque estate full of cashew and gulmohar trees originally owned by the Maharajas of Mysore.
Small-scale fences owned by individuals or co-operatives encircling irrigated crops or cash crops such as cashews and bananas are most likely to succeed.
The bulk section was easy: four different choices of cashew nut , priced by the kilo.
On the hills are cashew nut plantations suited to this dry type of soil.