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cash / деньги, наличные деньги, наличные
имя существительное
money, cash, currency, dollars, coin, dough
наличные деньги
cash, ready money, ready cash, net cash, ready, chink
имя прилагательное
платить деньги по чеку
получать деньги по чеку
имя существительное
money in coins or notes, as distinct from checks, money orders, or credit.
the staff were paid in cash
a coin of low value from China, southern India, or Southeast Asia.
give or obtain notes or coins for (a check or money order).
After a phone call, they informed me that if I went into Kitchener, the post office there would have the money to cash the money order.
The $200 deposit can be made using travellers cheques, credit card or cash .
The fund was set up this year to address a perceived lack of venture capital cash for firms looking for investments of between £2m-5m.
Wallets containing cash , credit cards and documents have also been taken from lockers and police report cases have increased in the last two months
Entities having cash credit accounts or bill accounts can now make repayments of their credit facilities in cash instead of a cheque or draft.
cash price
The lack of cash to fund the relatively new treatment has prompted Gavin's mother, Margaret, to write to politicians and the hospital for an explanation.
Under the new regulations, all payees must present some form of photographic ID in order to cash URP cheques.
Nine months later, they are nearing profitability and have substantial cash reserves to fund growth.
she was always short of cash
In the finance office, the main coffer lock was detonated, damaging all papers, including vouchers, promissory notes, cash and cheque box.