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casement / окно, оконная створка, оконный переплет
имя существительное
window, casement, gap, light
оконная створка
оконный переплет
sash, casement
створный оконный переплет
имя существительное
a window or part of a window set on a hinge so that it opens like a door.
casement windows
Instead, he preferred casement sashes, which he placed in strips, one after the other.
The house is far from sumptuous, but comfortable - spotless linoleum floors, casement windows framed by floral curtains, utilitarian furniture.
She never really noticed much even though that large casement exposed the contents of the store like the box of a toy with the cellophane window.
Leaded casement windows opened on to the tiny plaza in front of the cathedral and a breeze billowed tapestry-like curtains in the bedroom and sitting rooms.
She strode to the casement window, unlatched it and dropped her gaze to the chalky clearing ringed by juvenile rhododendrons and magnolia trees.
Presently the casement creaked and swung open and his father called out.
casement windows
A casement window works like a door, with hinges on one side and the lock and handle on the other.
The timber casement windows are new, but much of the interior wood is original including the window shutters and some panelled doors.
In the rest of Europe, wooden casement windows that open out like a door are the norm.