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caseload / рабочая нагрузка
имя существительное
the amount of work (in terms of number of cases) with which a doctor, lawyer, or social worker is concerned at one time.
Because their caseloads are diverse geographically, health visitors have much less detailed knowledge of who is living in a specific local area.
the doctor has a heavy caseload
Most general practitioners thought that practices with a high caseload of refugees should receive additional funding.
It addresses issues that are common to all perioperative managers, regardless of the size of their yearly caseload .
To be included in the study, officers needed to be adult probation officers and carry an active caseload of probationers whom they monitored.
Given the caseloads of medical examiners, the quality of their science is sometimes suspect.
Intensive case management emphasises small caseloads (10-15 patients per case manager), with increased intensity of contact.
The total caseloads of patients managed by both teams were similar in demographics, medical condition, and workload.
As evidenced over the past year, class-action lawyers see their caseloads balloon during eras of corporate fraud.
First, our results are based on responses from hospital personnel at a sample of PCP hospitals in four high-HIV-incidence cities and other US hospitals with low HIV caseloads .
Since acuity and complexity of patient caseloads continue to increase, inadequate funding presents a particular challenge to recruitment of highly qualified nursing staff.