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casein / казеин
имя существительное
имя существительное
the main protein present in milk and (in coagulated form) in cheese. It is used in processed foods and in adhesives, paints, and other industrial products.
The curd contains the main milk protein, casein , and the milk fat.
Whey protein can be separated directly from milk by microfiltration processing, creating whey protein and micellar casein .
You will need to read all food labels as dairy turns up in many disguises, eg, whey, lactose, skimmed milk powder, casein , milk protein.
The manufacturing of cheese causes changes in both the lactose and the casein in milk.
Cottage cheese is an underrated bodybuilding food that's high in casein .
Later in 1913 the factory would expand for cheese-making and in 1923 would begin producing casein .
Inadequate air movement or cleaning where powder products such as casein are used is a special cause of contamination.
Extensive investigation led them to casein , a milk protein that is used in the new restructuring process.
When he paints with casein on wood, Doyle's style varies from precise representation to almost slapdash casualness.
What we've done over the years is identify that the calcium in milk is in a very specific form, that's stabilised by the proteins casein .
Roughly 80 per cent of the milk's protein is casein , which exists in four varieties.