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carving / резьба, резьба по дереву, резная работа
имя существительное
thread, carving, imagery, toreutics, screw-thread
резьба по дереву
резная работа
carving, chasing
имя существительное
an object or design cut from a hard material as an artistic work.
Gilded statues and carvings adorn the walls and pilgrims come from far and wide.
cut (a hard material) in order to produce an aesthetically pleasing object or design.
the wood was carved with runes
cut (cooked meat) into slices for eating.
Using a sharp knife, carve the fillet into wafer thin slices.
make (a turn) by tilting one's skis on to their edges and using one's weight to bend them so that they slide into an arc.
A descent is a source of amusement to my wife, the graceful one; she likes to watch me carve turns.
a table decorated with fluted carving
a carving of an Asian elephant
Rare paintings, frescoes and stone carvings present a marvellous panorama to the visitor.
They're best known for their rock art carvings most of which is Pictish and dates from the fourth century.
Master craftsmen built some Welsh churches, and these may well have been adorned with ornate wooden carvings .
On the Southern gateway elaborate carvings showing the birth of Gautama Buddha took my breath away.
The gilded wooden carvings around the windows had turned brown, but now they gleam.
Bulls are found in stone carvings as well as in the prehistoric cave paintings of the region.
Scholars believe that these carvings were designed for export to Europe.
Their exhibition features traditional and contemporary Pacific art and carvings .