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cartridge / картридж, патрон, кассета
имя существительное
cartridge, patron, collet, holder, socket, round
cassette, magazine, cartridge, case, plateholder
имя существительное
a container holding a spool of photographic film, a quantity of ink, or other item or substance, designed for insertion into a mechanism.
Super8 film cartridges are available from good photographic stores for about £12 which thankfully includes processing.
I duct taped the overflow drain on the sink, and inserted a CO2 cartridge into the drain cleaning unit.
Soldiers gripped the ball end in their teeth and tore it off the top of the cartridge ; the charge was then poured, the paper used as a wad to pack it down, and the ball seated on top with the ramrod.
Examine the unfired cartridge and if the bullet is still where it started out, all is well.
Sarai picked it up and emptied the bullets from the cartridge .
This includes a cartridge containing methanol that is diluted to a 20 percent to 30 percent concentration to produce power in the fuel cell.
Dante gripped the bullet cartridge and yanked it out.
Because the ribbon, unlike an ink cartridge , is designed to print a fixed number of images, you know your costs in advance.
This feature prevents damage to bullet noses as the cartridge is chambered.
The honest concern is about airborne lead ejected by the primer and bullet when a cartridge is fired.
Both these articles mention the possibility of refueling on the fly: inserting a new cartridge of fuel into the fuel cell without needing to power down your laptop or PDA.