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carton / картон, картонная коробка, картонка
имя существительное
cardboard, carton, board, pasteboard, cartoon
картонная коробка
carton, bandbox
имя существительное
a light box or container, typically one made of waxed cardboard or plastic in which drinks or foodstuffs are packaged.
Sand also drank her small carton of milk, which had gotten a bit warm since she had been handed it.
He pulled out a carton of milk and deliberately gulped it down.
Tricia opened the fridge and pulled out a carton of milk, then pulled a saucer out of a cabinet.
As I reached for a carton of milk, a man from behind tried to steal it from me.
She dropped the closed carton of milk as the scream erupted from the bathroom.
He walked to the kitchen, still sleepy, and took a long drink form the carton of milk.
When they were finished, only a few pieces of toast and a carton of milk remained.
A pensioner said he was physically sick after finding what he believes was a slug in a carton of milk he had already used for his cereal and morning cup of tea.
Keep a box of cereal at your desk and pick up a carton of milk when you grab lunch.
Who knew that a carton of milk could expand to three times its normal size?
If you bought a carton of milk that was spoiled, you might ignore it once or twice.