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cartography / картография, составление карт
имя существительное
cartography, mapping
составление карт
имя существительное
the science or practice of drawing maps.
So there is good reason to say that during the war, military geography and military cartography emerged as full-fledged sciences in their own right.
These in turn led to advances in geography and cartography and the colonization of new lands.
First, he knew very little about either geography, astronomy, or cartography .
As a Dominican he continued to study philosophy and theology but he became increasingly interested in the study of mathematics, astronomy, and cartography .
As Harley points out, much of the scientific rhetoric of post-Enlightenment cartography was used to maintain systems of state and imperial domination.
Unlike most explorers, these two leaders had no Aboriginal guides to help them, no skill in geography, cartography , or living off the land.
Bonnet also published on cartography , algebra, rational mechanics and mathematical physics.
Mercator had studied geography, cartography and mathematics at the University of Louvain in Belgium.
Thus it was, in a round about way, that I became, latterly, the first woman Keeper of Public Records, while remaining a practising historian of the history of cartography .
Other disciplines have been brought to bear on the subject, including archaeology, cartography , and historical geography.
The historian of cartography James Welu has shown all of these to be actual contemporary printed maps.