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carthorse / ломовая лошадь
имя существительное
ломовая лошадь
draft horse, punch, drafter, Suffolk punch, cart-horse, dray-horse
имя существительное
a large, strong horse suitable for heavy work.
Their horses were among the finest cart horses in London, but were outshone by the brewers, whose horses took the most prizes at the London carthorse parades.
For the most part local deliveries were done by carthorse .
The only story of hers that I remember was about the time an old carthorse was brought back into service after a car, then a tractor, both got bogged.
Loveable Ted Clydesdale, the gentle giant of a carthorse immortalised as the lead character in a fast-selling children's book, is to make a guest appearance at the Three Counties Show.
Languishing in the corner of the lorry, the emaciated carthorse was ‘a very, very sorry sight’ said Tove.
Of those I saw in the flesh, Cruyff was the carthorse who won the Derby.
Kate who adored horses was carried through the streets on a carriage drawn by a carthorse she used to ride in her younger, happier days.
She is as clumsy as a young carthorse and falls over anything that lies in her path.
And indeed at La Ferme, where authentic farmyard smells permeate the eating area, diners can look down through the glass panes in the floor onto the flock of mountain sheep, a carthorse and a flock of hens.
Apparently an old carthorse gave up the ghost and died on Nebuchadnezzar Street.