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cartel / картель, обмен пленными
имя существительное
cartel, combine, kartell
обмен пленными
cartel, kartell
имя существительное
an association of manufacturers or suppliers with the purpose of maintaining prices at a high level and restricting competition.
the Colombian drug cartels
As cartel pricing crumbled, imports flooded in in large quantities for the first time.
The episode of the cartel transformed political life.
The normal purpose of any cartel is to keep prices high by controlling supply and demand.
They organize a cartel for the purpose of raising the price for the product in question.
The party established a de facto political cartel that excluded other parties from power.
If natural gas producers form a cartel , they could drive world prices even higher
The two main parties have become a cartel , operating a tacit understanding not to broach any important issue.
As with the pure monopoly, companies would join a cartel in order to try to protect themselves from the harmful consequences of competition.
The country is poor, and has a history of sclerotic and unresponsive government run by a political cartel .
This policy of keeping inventories low will deny consumers a buffer against any production cutbacks that the cartel may make if prices weaken.