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cart / тележка, телега, повозка
имя существительное
truck, cart, trolley, carriage, bogie, dolly
cart, dray, wain, float
cart, wagon, car, waggon, gharry
везти в телеге
ехать в телеге
имя существительное
a strong open vehicle with two or four wheels, typically used for carrying loads and pulled by a horse.
The road passes through beautiful, wild scenery and twice crosses the glacier and on busy days, up to 40 sturdy little Fjord horses pulling traditional cariole carts carry visitors.
convey or put in a cart or similar vehicle.
the produce was packed in crates and carted to Kansas City
carry (a heavy or cumbersome object) somewhere with difficulty.
they carted the piano down three flights of stairs
With this rhythmic cry, Duan, in his crumpled old blue suit, pushes a benchlike cart along the street.
We left our headquarters, pushing a wooden cart containing our tents and camping equipment plus food all the way to Smithills Hall.
She pushed the empty cart past him and went through the Employees Only room.
After breakfast the two girls followed Hosh and Darell to the stable where they hitched a wagon cart to two mahogany horses.
Dunstan had drawn his blade and swung round, the horses pulling the cart rolling their eyes in fright, drawing to a halt.
The bits no-one wanted, or which were too big and heavy to cart away would lay there to sink into the vegetation and decay slowly over the years.
Having just had a baby it is difficult to cart all the bags and boxes into the car when you are busy with the baby.
She pushed the cart that contained the empty cups of various forms of medication into an empty examination room.
Marble and other massive pieces too heavy to cart away were among chief pieces left in the galleries.
On the ride back to the guesthouse I asked the young driver of my horse cart what had happened to the old village.