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carrying-on / фривольное поведение
имя существительное
фривольное поведение
carryings-on, carrying-on
имя существительное
excited or overwrought behavior.
I'm fed up with your incessant carrying-on
He would look on wryly at times when the others were carrying-on in the clubhouse about slights, real and imagined.
The fact that the party, together with the media, regards this sort of carrying-on as significant, speaks volumes for how desperate they are to gather evidence against their leader.
Indeed, going by the carrying-on of county councillors in this regard, a good argument could be made for removing planning powers from councillors.
We can see them openly drinking and carrying-on .
I'm not interested during the game in the big drinking sessions, you know, the laughing, joking, and carrying-on , or mucking around with the locals.
I'm fed up with your incessant carrying-on
the couple's public carrying-on embarrassed passersby
She considered most of the story a prologue for the part about rum and gold and carrying-on .
Not content with his usual carryings-on , today I couldn't shift him out of the house without this multi coloured encumbrance.