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carry-over / перенос, переходящий остаток, пережиток
имя существительное
transfer, carry, hyphenation, transposition, transferal, carry-over
переходящий остаток
relic, survival, remnant, holdover, hangover, carry-over
over, surplus, excess, overage, superfluity, carry-over
имя существительное
something transferred or resulting from a previous situation or context.
the slow trading was a carryover from the big losses of last week
So if adult consumption is declining, that has had some carry-over to youth consumption.
The lower slaughter means the carry-over into 2005 will be higher than last year and could have implications for the trade during the early months of the New Year.
Anyway, this is a carry-over from yesterday's post.
In northern climates where rainwater is the sole water source, it may be necessary to oversize the cistern to provide carry-over during a significant portion of the winter when snow falls instead of rain.
the slow trading was a carry-over from the big losses of last week
I don't think there's ever any carry-over from one game to the next.
This may be a carry-over from their former religious environment.
The human body is said to contain many organs that are a carry-over from our evolutionary development - the appendix, the coccyx, tonsils, ear muscles, etc.
The Second Republic [1979-83] was a carry-over of the first.
What we have here is a carry-over from the first-past-the-post system.