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carry-out / продаваемый навынос
имя прилагательное
продаваемый навынос
Mom stepped in, juggling her bag and the carry-out box from Olive Garden.
We made enough money to buy a carry-out on the way home.
When she arrived in this country aged 55, she had to work in a carry-out restaurant, chopping vegetables, packing up meals, washing dishes.
I seldom choose to spend my free time cooking and instead eat at restaurants or order carry-out on most nights.
I used to wait till darkness came in, then I'd go across the road and get a carry-out .
The trash can was overflowing with styrofoam coffee cups and greasy fast food carry-out bags.
Late one cold night on an uptown A train, a homeless man sat quietly eating his dinner from a aluminum carry-out plate.
He arrived at his girlfriend's flat, clutching an Indian carry-out and a can of Iru Bru.
They would have to order carry-out because of her delay, she knew, but her stomach had long ago turned sour.
Julia had gotten home late from work, and was on the couch with carry-out sushi, talking back to the news and gesturing with her chopsticks.