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carrion / падаль, мертвечина, дохлятина
имя существительное
carrion, offal, dog's-meat
имя прилагательное
disgusting, hideous, heinous, abominable, revolting, carrion
putrescent, carrion
имя существительное
the decaying flesh of dead animals.
A survey of fox dens showed that the vast majority of lamb carcasses found in them were carrion ie. dead before being taken by the fox.
As well as carrion , harriers will eat the young of pukekos and ducks, and prey upon rodents found in fields.
Shrieks rent the air as another crow spiraled down to invade the feast, some carrion invisible from the roadside.
Biologists, however, have reported some bees taking advantage of other resources, such as animal droppings and carrion .
Yet their scavenging clears up immense quantities of carrion , and we should be grateful, if not admiring.
They are often seen soaring in search of carrion , but their diet also includes young goats and lambs.
Instead, he believes Rugops was a scavenger, using its head to pick at carrion rather than fighting other animals for food.
After I pass, I see it in the rear view mirror, settling on carrion back along the shoulder.
Bears like berries, nuts, grasses, carrion , insects and birdseed.
a crow wheeled over the hills in search of carrion
They may steal prey from other raptors, and have been known to eat carrion as long as it has not been dead too long.