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carriage / перевозка, транспорт, каретка
имя существительное
shipping, transportation, transport, carriage, transit, conveyance
transport, transportation, traffic, carriage, portage
carriage, bogie, bogey
имя существительное
a means of conveyance, in particular.
She was escorted to a police carriage that would take her to the execution site.
the transporting of items or merchandise from one place to another.
Applying this test, it is clear that an arbitration clause is not directly relevant to the shipment, carriage and delivery of goods.
a moving part of a machine that carries other parts into the required position.
a typewriter carriage
a person's bearing or deportment.
her carriage was graceful, her movements quick and deft
the harboring of a potentially disease-causing organism by a person or animal that does not contract the disease.
The likelihood that antibiotic use will, in the short term, result in carriage of a resistant organism needs to be built into clinical decision making.
The horse then began to pull the carriage away, and it was only a few seconds before they were out of my sight.
I remember, one of the regulations before a dog would be accepted for carriage was it had to have a muzzle attached to its collar and chain so that the dog could be muzzled if it happened to turn nasty.
This is a broad definition, encompassing essentially the whole carriage and deportment of the body.
The other was perhaps no older than me, but with a bearing and carriage of a great Lady.
Twelve horses pulled the magnificent carriage across the road and through puddles of mud of varying size and depth.
Time is once again drawn out in the steps scene when a woman notices a baby carriage about to roll down the steps.
a typewriter carriage
Yesterday she took the child in a baby carriage to the Sisters of St. Barnabas.
Amtrak also competes with Greyhound and other private bus lines in passenger carriage .
a typewriter carriage