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carport / навес
крытая автостоянка
covered parking
имя существительное
a shelter for a car consisting of a roof supported on posts, built beside a house.
Two covered carports also shelter a woodworking shop and a recycling shed; more outdoor parking is included at the edge of the three-acre neighborhood.
We are replacing a dilapidated carport which is attached to our garage and the (south-facing) front of our house with a pergola.
Normally I would park my car in the carport and close the gate to the carport and trust that it would look locked.
Is there space in your garage or carport for a storage loft?
A bedroom window in a garage wall is a fire safety violation and is an indication that your garage is either an addition or a converted carport .
The apartment has one designated parking space in a carport immediately outside the building, and there is plenty of guest parking available in a communal car park.
They pull the car into the carport with pillars and a crumbling stucco facade.
There is a double carport to the side of the house.
A laneway to the side of the house provides access to a private carport .
When the investigating officers checked the home, they found the two suspects hiding in the carport , one under a car and the other on the roof.
But first I'm painting the carport (actually a corrugated iron shelter) green and planting some climbing plants in front of it.