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carpeting / ковровое покрытие, ковролин, настилка ковров
имя существительное
ковровое покрытие
настилка ковров
имя существительное
carpets collectively.
offices with wall-to-wall carpeting
cover (a floor or stairs) with a carpet.
the stairs were carpeted in a lovely shade of red
reprimand severely.
The team's boss will carpet his midfield ace for his spat with an opponent in the heat of the Pride Park battle.
offices with wall-to-wall carpeting
The fibers from used carpeting can be added to concrete slabs to help prevent them from cracking.
Though wall-to-wall carpeting is the least costly floor option, carpets are harder to keep clean and harbor smells.
Flooring consists of linoleum and non-PVC-backed carpeting .
At first her movements were clumsy, but after a couple of gentle tugs it was like standing on plush carpeting .
Each apartment has wall-to-wall carpeting , inlaid flooring, a private veranda with a spa pool and an ornate ‘state room’.
Eliminating carpeting or frequently cleaning carpets may help.
A number of rooms from a typical 1944 home had been recreated with period furniture and household items, ranging from old radios to the prodded rugs which provided the main carpeting in most houses.
It was a white and creamy colored room with light plush carpeting and at the far right of it, a sectional couch that surrounded a large sixty-inch television.
Instead of synthetic carpeting , Spector suggests a natural-fiber throw rug made of wool, cotton, jute or sea grass.