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carpetbagger / саквояжник, политический авантюрист, политический деятель
имя существительное
политический авантюрист
политический деятель
имя существительное
a political candidate who seeks election in an area where they have no local connections.
What struck me most in conversations with several dozen volunteers, carpetbaggers and locals alike, was the almost uniform answer they gave when I asked if they had ever worked on a national political campaign: No.
The archetypal carpetbagger would have quickly profited by selling the free shares immediately.
He has often assumed the role of carpetbagger in his business dealings.
He looked to some like a carpetbagger who knew nothing about the constituency - and he was not a Catholic, as many in the local party are.
Yet it was - strangely enough - talking to him, our surprisingly friendly carpetbagger , that finally changed my mind.
As far as he's concerned, anyone participating in them is a carpetbagger , an allusion to exiled politicians whom he expects to be the regime's most prominent figures.
And horror of horrors, she's his assistant district attorney and a party member - a backstabbing female carpetbagger .
But as an unknown to many of his would be constituents, he was branded a carpetbagger and a wealthy outsider.
This memoir is her best opportunity to date to alter the images: Lady Macbeth, Joan of Arc, feminist extremist, ambitious carpetbagger , aggrieved wife.
The fund manager-turned carpetbagger stands to make around #300,000 if his plans are successful.
The vote spelled the end of carpetbagger Smith's campaign - for the time being at least.