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carp / карп, сазан
имя существительное
carp, find fault, fault, cavil, pick on, quarrel
criticize, attack, damn, carp, rap, be severe upon
находить недостатки
cavil, carp, crab, haggle
имя существительное
a deep-bodied freshwater fish, typically with barbels around the mouth. Carp are farmed for food in some parts of the world and are widely kept in large ponds.
One species, the silver carp , is known to jump completely out of the water when a boat passes, in some cases injuring passengers.
complain or find fault continually, typically about trivial matters.
I don't want to carp about the way you did it
It works when they're right, but it stinks like a dead carp when they're wrong.
Suddenly a large carp jumps out of the pond and they are both very excited.
I don't want to carp about the way you did it
The European carp and trout have driven many native species of fish from our streams.
All species feed well in the spring but the two that really start feeding are carp and tench.
I don't want to carp about the way you did it
The plants have all died and we have lost 22 carp fish from our pond.
This venue is good for carp , crucians and mullet; it is also one of the prime catfish venues.
Club matches have been won with nearly 20 lb of small fish including carp , tench, skimmers, perch and orfe.
The big main lake in front of us has nearly eight hundred carp plus some orfe and tench.