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carousel / карусель, балаган
имя существительное
carousel, roundabout, carrousel, whirligig, carousal, turnabout
farce, booth, carrousel, tomfoolery, carousel
имя существительное
a merry-go-round.
You've got elephants, giraffes, carousels and merry go-rounds.
a tournament in which groups of knights took part in chariot races and other demonstrations of equestrian skills.
There are no airport taxes, hidden surcharges or stress locating luggage on the carousel .
She turned and started walking to where the luggage carousel was.
He was waiting near the baggage carousel with his luggage next to him.
The largest piece of art was a working carousel that blew bubbles and was festooned with fake animals, flowers and ribbons - literally a maypole come to life.
I watched the carousel at Lisbon Airport go round and round but my kit never appeared.
A cement disk sat where a carousel had been yanked out.
Nick soon becomes a multi-millionaire, purchasing everything from his own golf course to a carousel .
When the Gardens opened in 1843, visitors had a choice of two amusements - a horse-drawn carousel and a roller coaster.
Children will be able to enjoy a bouncy castle and a carousel .
She stumbles off the escalator and is swept along with the crowd of Asian businessmen and tourists towards the luggage carousel .